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User Guide 
For the VR/PC experience .

Booklet : .

VR ExperienceVideo Footage : .

In-Game Controllers : .

Object Preview Controller

One of the main controllers in the One Object at a Time world is the Object Preview Controller. Using the buttons on this controller, visitors can add/preview an object designed by participating designers; While the object is on display, an audio description of the object will be played for the other audiences as well. Using the "selfie!" button, everyone can take a selfie with their favorite object! One at a time! Object Preview controllers are coded with a black and gold color combination.


Creation Controller

Another central controller in the One Object at a Time world is the Object Creation Controller. Using this controller, visitors can combine objects from one or multiple designers to create a new composition for the world! These new "objects"--compositions, can act as interactive elements in the world; Visitors can walk and climb on them or sit by them! Add, undo, restart; using the "selfie!" button, take a selfie with your--or someone else's creation! One iteration at a time! These controllers are coded with a white and gold color combination.

PC ExperienceVideo Footage : .

Object Preview Controller

In Game Spatial "Drawing" 

Click to pick up the object; Click to draw-one at a time, and press F to drop!

Creation Controller |   A

Creation Controller |   B

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