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Excited by the possibilities of a future full of playful and inventive opportunities Bittertang was founded by Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich as a small design farm to bring humor and pleasure to the built environment. Their work uses fables and narrative to build new worlds that explore frothiness, biological matter, animal posturing, and babies all unified together through Bel Composto. As creators of physical things Bittertang relies on the dialogue between visceral and digital matter to generate and invigorate their work. Although trained as architects, their prolific interests and methodology associates them closely to the organization of a farm. Bittertang material is bred, coaxed and grown to yield tasty morsels, new exotic beasts and fertilizer for future growth. Recently they have built 3 inflatable pavilions, a pregnant sugar oozing piñata, a plush toy collection, a sagging birdcage, a room of wax, an edible environment and a giant rotting amphitheater.



In contrast to the constant search and creation of the perfect fit in regards to form and material, Bessie, starts with a highly articulated and materially rich artifact and restructures it to create a new form of architecture that requires technology and novel fabrication techniques to reorganize her. Each cow is an iteration of the next, one slightly different than the next, this agglomeration of similar yet distinct building blocks takes advantage of all parts of the cow, from hoof to ear to create a new primitive hut.

Click on the Object; Use your mouse, and arrow keys (or WASD keys) + Space bar to make a drawing! Visit the web-based app linked above, to create and save the drawings.
To save the image files, click on the exhibition logo.

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