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She is the founding member of A Studio that is an entity of variable boundaries, interests and collaborators that explores new positions and arguments through a cycle of experimentation and speculation.

Compositional characteristics

Team Members: Austin Lightle


Compositional Characteristics is a pavilion that engages multiplicity on two terms: composite and compositional, & character and characteristic, each alluding to some form of coming together precisely via material, texture, color, resolution, fidelity, and ontology to produce imprecise effects. It is an arrangement of stuff, rather than the ultimate shape of any particular or singular thing. (1) Compositional judgements are made based on incongruity and how the relationships are tracked. Character comes in as composition, operating locally to produce ontologies that makes it different from other locales. Fidelity in character operates through proximity. (1) Wes Jones in Can Tectonics Grasp Smoothness?.


Click on the Object; Use your mouse, and arrow keys (or WASD keys) + Space bar to make a drawing! Visit the web-based app linked above, to create and save the drawings.
To save the image files, click on the exhibition logo.

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