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Gabriel Esquivel is the director of the T4T Lab at Texas A&M University since 2010 where he examines the integration of digital technology to exchange architectural information and its connection to contemporary theory. He is also the director of the AI Advanced Research Lab.

Ontic Capital

Team Members: Shane Bugni and John Scott


Notions taken from Object Oriented Philosophy informed the conceptualization of this object, however, as the object remains its own best explanation, the theoretical and technical apparatus serve as a subordinate translation mechanism for the image, language, and their ontic parallels. The object is part of an ongoing research about Serlio; his treatises, objects, and images. Objects like capitals were studied to discover new formal languages as interpreted by an AI model’s understanding of the correlated data. The language of the object is further articulated by UV mapping and style transfer to move beyond the limitations of perspective and parallel projections. At the end, this digital object willfully obscures the perceptually palpable and legible elements without revealing its underlying organization.


Click on the Object; Use your mouse, and arrow keys (or WASD keys) + Space bar to make a drawing! Visit the web-based app linked above, to create and save the drawings.
To save the image files, click on the exhibition logo.

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