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A/P PRACTICE is the collaborative ​partnership of Maya Alam and Daniele Profeta. Their work weaves existing conditions with contemporary manufacturing technologies and aesthetics. Engaging with the heterogeneous, often contradictory set of evidences of a given context, they focus on constructing inclusive interventions that embrace and critically address the multi-faceted nature of the built environment.

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Team Members: Maya Alam, Daniele Profeta


Traces of an exhibition piece - a single family house in Rome - a site - a physical model 176,238 vertices - 358,086 Edges - 193,444 Faces - 52,282kb - 21 textures for a total of 352,321,536 pixels; -- 75 sqm - x1 bedroom, x2 bathrooms, x1 dining area, x1 living room and x1 private terrace (10 sqm) ; 5,157 files - 367 folders - 124,991,720kb; -- 66 cameras - 18,389,296 points with rgb values - 1,225,953 faces; 41°53'18.9"N 12°31'40.8"E; -- 327.12mm x 404.05mm x 442.54mm x 24.94 kg x5 different granular Italian sands ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm diameter;

Click on the Object; Use your mouse, and arrow keys (or WASD keys) + Space bar to make a drawing! Visit the web-based app linked above, to create and save the drawings.
To save the image files, click on the exhibition logo.

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